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Anne of Green Gables

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Auditions for Robertson County Players’ production of “Anne of Green Gables” are Friday, July 1st at 6:30 – 8:00pm and Saturday, July 2nd from 10am – 12pm.

Performance dates will be:
Friday, September 9th at 7pm
Saturday, September 10th (2pm matinee) 7pm
Friday, September 16th at 7pm
Saturday, September 17th at 7pm
September 12th (and/or 13th) daytime performances at Springfield High school for the students.

Headshots and resumes are welcome, but not required. There will be cold readings from the script. Please see below for a list characters, their descriptions, and (preferred) age ranges. The actors portraying Anne and her classmates will ideally be young enough to play young and easily able to age up believably. (They begin the play around the age of 12 and will grow into 16/17 years old.)

Anne Shirley (15-18) : The red-haired orphan who is adopted at age 12 by Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert and grows up on their farm, Green Gables. Anne is passionate, stubborn, warm, loyal, intelligent, an articulate chatterbox, hugely loving, in love with beauty and a dreamer with a great, big imagination. When she makes mistakes, they’re doozies, but she is full of integrity, and always wants to be a good person. (We are looking for someone who can play young but is easy to age up as the show progresses through the years. Anne will ideally also have red hair as we would rather not have to fool with wigs. :P)

Marilla Cuthbert (50+): Marilla is all angles and straight lines, with a stern face and tightly knotted hair. This physical severity mirrors her moral and emotional severity. A smile should feel like her face cracking. Although Marilla does not usually express emotion, underneath she has a wry sense of humor and a loving heart. She raises Anne strictly, but she secretly adores her and by the end of the story she becomes softer and more expressive.

Matthew Cuthbert (50+): A sixty-year-old bachelor, Matthew is painfully shy and a little eccentric. He is Marilla’s brother. Although he is terrified of women, he is gentle, wise, loving, and humble. Despite his painful shyness, he instantly loves the lonely orphan Anne and in his gentle stubborn way pressures Marilla to adopt her. Anne considers Matthew a kindred spirit and always turns to him for a sympathetic ear.

Diana Barry (15-18): Anne’s best friend. Diana and Anne become bosom friends immediately after they meet, and swear devotion to each other forever. Diana is loving and charming, likes romance, and has a sense of humor, though she lacks Anne’s imagination, and independence. Anne is usually the leader in their scrapes. Diana is a pretty girl with dark, black hair.

Gilbert Blythe (17-20): A handsome, brilliant boy who becomes Anne’s rival when he makes the mistake of teasing her about her red hair. They are equally intelligent and should be friends, and he teases her because he likes her, but Anne refuses to talk to him, although their rivalry keeps her motivated throughout her academic career. By the end of the story, the rivalry has become affectionate, and Anne and Gilbert become friends…hinted at romance.

Mrs. Rachel Lynde (50+): The town busybody. A portly lady, Mrs. Lynde likes nothing better than to give her opinion sharply and preach morals. A woman infused with her own sense of righteousness, she is outspoken about everything from politics to fashion, and parenting advice. She never fails to advise Marilla on how to raise Anne. She starts off sure Anne’s adoption will end in disaster, but in the end even she is won over.

Mrs. Barry (35+): is Diana’s Mother – a severe, unforgiving woman. She expects her children to follow strict and sometimes unreasonable rules and is quick to condemn Anne when Anne makes mistakes.

Josie Pye (15-18): – A silly, snobby, not very motivated classmate of Anne’s. Josie is not very bright and she and Anne are not exactly chums.

Ruby Gillis (15-18): A pretty, sweet girl who is no stranger to being overly-dramatic and flying into hysterics over small things. A friend to Anne.

Miss Stacy (25+): She is the beloved, innovative teacher that takes over after Mr. Phillips leaves teaching. She is well-loved by all of her students, especially Anne.

Charlie Sloan (15-18): Classmate of Anne’s, friends of Gilbert’s. He’s a bit of a prankster.

Moody MacPherson (15-18): Classmate of Anne’s, friend of Gilbert’s. Claims he is going to be a clergyman.

Mr. Phillips (25 – 35): is the teacher in the one room schoolhouse before Ms. Stacy comes along. He spends a great deal of time trying to organize his unruly class, and cram knowledge into their heads. More often, he is more concerned with Prissy Andrews than anyone else.

Station Master (30+): Good natured fellow who first meets Anne and hands her off to Matthew.

Mr. Spencer (35+) : a neighbor of the Cuthberts who mistakenly brings Anne to them instead of a boy as they requested. Later, he intends to purchase Green Gables.

Mrs. Blewitt (30+) : another neighbor of the Cuthberts. She is a hard, cold woman and has many children. She offers to take Anne off the Cuthberts’ hands so that Anne would have to be her babysitter and not so much like an adopted daughter.

Author: Shelby Andal