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Kickin' off our Shoes!

Hey, everyone! It’s Les here, Director of Footloose: The Musical with RCP, and we’ve already kicked off our Sunday shoes this past week with some awesome and deep character work. My favorite thing to do throughout the rehearsal process is challenging my actors to develop their characters as much as they can. That’s why we do theatre, right? It’s all about placing yourself in someone else’s shoes and holding a mirror up to society. As performers, if we can’t transform into the character that we have been entrusted with, the show is never as moving and fun as it can be. I challenged my actors to do some really vulnerable, but fun things and I think they’re ready to really dive in to this show.

I just want to say that I was so happy with the turn-out for auditions and everyone crushed it at callbacks a few weeks ago. I meant to post something then to keep you guys updated, but I got so busy casting the show that I decided to just wait. From now on, I plan to post something each week about the process, along with fun videos and photos. Please feel free to reach out and ask any questions you may have or just say hi and give us some love. We would really appreciate it!

This week and half of next are vocal rehearsals, so Savannah Head Ambrose (Vocal Director) is killin’ it and pushing them to sound amazing. I’m excited to hear everyone next week!

I’ve posted a video that I took of Kenny Loggins in Nashville last year singing Footloose. I took my mom to the concert, and obviously, I just HAD to film this. We were sitting behind him, so that was interesting, but also kind of cool. He still looks and sounds incredible! The ladies in front of us were having fun haha!


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