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Are you READY??

You’re invited to a hole in the ground! (It’s nicer than it sounds) It’s almost time. The ring is calling, the dragon is rousing, and all we need is you. Auditions for The Hobbit are in two weeks! You can help us bring Middle-earth to the Robertson County Players stage. We guarantee this one’s gonna be fun. There’s nothing like a giant (foam) hammer to get a dwarf into character, and just wait till you see Smaug! We’ve never been so excited to see a cast come together. So, come out and show us your best Bilbo, your greatest Gandalf, your finest Fili... you get the idea. We can’t wait to see you guys! We’d also like to thank everyone who stopped by the RCP booth at Fandomcon. It was nice to see such excitement for both Footloose and The Hobbit. We had some great conversations, and sincerely hope you guys can make it to either auditions or a performance. Back to the forge! Daniel Turner and Jodi Deal Directors