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Footloose Update!

Yay for the weekend! Les here again, Director of Footloose: The Musical with RCP, and I’ve been AWOL since my last blog. Sorry for that; it’s just been so busy lately, but we aren’t complaining at all. Lots of really exciting things have happened with the show. We’ve got some amazing promo photos by the one and only Sarah Johnson that were taken at Senator Kerry Roberts’ gorgeous home and a really cool promo video that should be posted soon from the amazingly talented Natalyn McCants who is in the cast. I must say, I’ve got a great looking cast!

After this weekend, we will be done with learning choreography numbers, and will just run through the show over and over next week before we hop into tech and dress rehearsals. Our choreographer, Hadley Mae Pearson, is so incredible! We love her very much and she has such a bright future ahead of her. You won’t be disappointed with her creativity in this show.

We held a Quidditch tournament (I know, you’re thinking how in the world do you do that, but it’s basically just like the game in the Harry Potter series except we run around with brooms instead of fly on them) and Gryffindor won...I was on the Gryffindor team, so I’m not done bragging about it yet. It was an awesome break from the normal rehearsal process.

Yesterday was the Art Walk in Springfield, Tn, and we performed “Footloose/On Any Sunday” and “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” in the town square, which were both a big success. I think we have already drawn a big crowd in, which is really exciting. We’ve got some really cool events to go along with our performances as well, such as, an 80’s night, talkback nights, and 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. For more information on those, as well as ticket information keep an eye on our website.

I can’t wait to see you all cut loose at the performances!


Leslie Marberry


Footloose: The Musical