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Congrats to the CAST!

You did it!

We can work as hard on these productions as we want, but if no one auditions it doesn’t happen. So, we’d like to take this moment to thank everyone who showed up. Each of you helps to make these shows a success.

The Cast

Bilbo - Lewis Walling

Thorin - Chris Wiley

Gandalf - Kevin Delisle

Gollum / Kili - Matthew Osborne

Elven-Queen / Essie - Sadie Collins

Smaug / Fili - Ryan Puckett

Great Goblin / Bifur - Thomas Ross

Balin - Rusty Riddle

Bombur - Roberta Guerra

Gloin - April Dupree

Dwalin - Thom Wilson

Tom / Dori - Ronnie Noles

Bert / Nori - Mike Shropshire

Goblin Attendant / Oin - Thomas Turnage

Ori / Goblin - Thomas Wilson

Bofur - Heather Turnage

1st Elf - Sarah Waldrop

2nd Elf - Hanna Balentine

Goblin - Alyssa Wiley

Goblin - Jordan Turnage

Goblin - Amelia Deal

What a group! We can’t wait to get started. We’ll have our table read in two weeks, and have several interesting things planned between now and opening night. Stay tuned!

Daniel Turner and Jodi Deal