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Footloose cast cuts loose for opening weekend!

What an incredible first weekend of shows we had with Footloose: The Musical! I could not be any happier with the performances that my cast and crew pulled off, and the audience was invested and having fun the entire time, which is really encouraging.

We have two characters in the show that are double cast, so those will switch out for this coming weekend. The wonderful Emma Harvey and Cooper Atkins played the roles of “Urleen” and “Chuck” this past weekend, and for this coming weekend, the immensely talented Elizabeth Golden and Easton Curtis will step into those roles. I knew that double casting these four individuals would be a teachable moment for them and would help them grow as actors. I’ve been so happy with their dedication to detail through their characters. They’ve had to learn two tracks, which was a bit of a stretch, but they handled it with such grace and professionalism.

I had a dear friend who has performed on Broadway and toured with major theatre companies for years come to the show on Sunday, and he said that this was the best show he has seen in the area in a very long time. We both discussed that it always seems to be harder to find dancers for shows, but our Footloose has not disappointed. We were able to take actors who like to move and make them look and feel like actual dancers. That has felt like an accomplishment in itself to me.

We have taken a few days off, but are energized and ready to rock the house this weekend! This Friday is a talkback night where after the performance the audience can get to know the cast and crew a little more, and Saturday is our 80’s Night where if you dress up in 80’s fashion, you can put your name into a drawing for a Journey's gift card for some killer cool chucks. I ask that you bring your family and friends to help pack the house this weekend and support my team for this show. It’s such a fun time and I promise you will leave the theatre changed. Hope to see you there!


Leslie Marberry


Footloose: The Musical

Photos by Shelby Andal Photography