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From this side of the tracks...

We are kicking off the new year with RCP's rehearsal process for The Outsiders! Every member of this cast and production team has dedicated themselves so fully to the story we are here to tell. The passion, involvement, and attention to detail already being put in is inspiring as a director to observe and foster. We have jumped right into character analysis work, dramaturgical work, and blocking rehearsals this past week, and the amount of work already put into it is incredible.

The Outsiders tells a story of a broken world, ripped apart by train tracks and socioeconomic status; however, connected by sunsets and people, just ordinary people. We are exploring these themes through every moment of rehearsal time to bring to you an authentic, gritty, and real adaptation of their lives in 1960's Tulsa.

We open in less than a month, and encourage you to reserve your tickets in advance online at Now Playing Nashville!

Stay Gold, Elizabeth Golden Director