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The Outsiders - Opening February 8

The deeper into the rehearsal process we go the more I realize the extent to which collaboration is a necessary part of the journey. Each person on our design team has brought their experience to the table in order to build the world our story lives in. These actors involved have gone the extra mile in discovering who exactly their characters are, and why they are here to share their voice in the play.

Every single member of the production has invested so much time, energy, and — arguably most importantly — passion into the process.

This past week we had the honor of working with Sarah Johnson Photography to see the characters, costumes, and vision find cohesion. There were moments she was laying in puddles with dirt and glass to get the perfect shot, and that level of commitment is present in every hand touching the production.

The Outsiders tells a story of a slice of life, it reveals the existence and humanity found in people no matter what side of the tracks they are on. I think backstage reflects that as well. Our cast members look out for one another, work hard together, have fun together, and love one another, just like their characters do onstage. Cultivating these relationships and finessing the presentation of a story this rich has been one of the most rewarding ways to share art.

I personally invite you to join us in watching this classic, sunset ridden tale starting February 8 and running through the 17th. We are thrilled to be sharing our vulnerability, “tuffness” and art with the community of Springfield.

Stay Gold,

Elizabeth Golden

Photo by Sarah Johnson Photography