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Our first week at RCP’s Kids Camp: Mary Poppins Jr, was incredible! We taught the music, choreography, and blocking for almost the whole show, and as of today (Monday the 22nd) we now have our entire show completed! These campers are working so incredibly hard, and it really shows. Not only that, but our staff and design team have—and are continuing to—pour their hearts out int

o this project daily, and the beautiful artwork being created is just inspiring. Moreover, to see kids spanning ages 5 to 15 performing this wonderful, sad, hilarious, and beautiful story is just a moving experience. Their ability to tackle this complex material is shocking to say the least. Now, we want to give you some thoughts from our staff! Below you’ll find some thoughts about this week from two of our designers as well as our Head Counselor! From Konnor Davis, our Music Director: “While teaching three part harmonies to children as old as 6 to 14, a smile gently crept upon my face. Seeing the hard work and constant focus of our young thespians has inspired me to no end. With fun, excitement, and hard work, this show will surely prick the hearts of our campers and our audiences.” From Katie Chance, our Head Counselor: “This first week of camp has been absolutely amazing! These kids have learned basically an entire show with songs and choreography in about five days, and they are all so dedicated and talented. I’ve been so blessed to get to know each and every one of them and play theatre games with them throughout the day. I’m also so proud of our amazing production staff and counselors. We’ve really become closer throughout this week and they are truly the very best out there!” From Emma Harvey, our Costume Designer: “Seeing my visions for these costumes coming to life has been so fun! Even though it’s hard hard work, the kids’ excitement and their work makes it all worth it. I can’t wait to see all the pieces come together!” We are really looking forward to Friday and Saturday when the seats in the gorgeous SMS auditorium are filled with the friends and family of these talented, hard-working campers. Don’t forget, tickets are $5 at the door for our shows Friday night at 6pm and Saturday at 2pm!