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Candy Salad - Cast List

Congratulations to the cast of Candy Salad!

Rory --------Jorden Alicea

Nate -------Gary Noel, Jr.

Jaxon -----Seth Robinson

Ava -------Ava Swearingen

Emmie ---Belle Holmes

Gia ------Hannah Ballentine

Zilla ----Morgan Bennett

Professor Johns -----Keri Avaritt

Editor -----Tricia Ellison

Candy Salad a comedy is based on real events. This is the directorial debut for Danielle Allen an adult thriving with Cerebral Palsy. The play follows Rory Dawson, a teen with Cerebral Palsy, who is beginning his freshman year of college. He completes an assignment that will change he and his classmates lives for the better.


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